Inflation, working culture and a mid-life crisis

Join Cathi and Jo for their penultimate TMP meander through finance for this series. In this episode: 

  • Tips on free activities to do in the sunshine (please read this with Liam Gallagher’s pronunciation: sunsheeeeeeinnnnne), you’ll be surprised with the amount of activities Jo will partake in as long as it has a 90s brit pop soundtrack… 
  • A discussion on how much of your monthly income could be taken up by childcare (HINT – it’s a lot more than you think) 
  • The trauma of current petrol prices 
  • A detailed look at flexible working, how it has given more choice to working people, especially women. Also considered the point of view of a company and how they can weigh the needs of their employees with the needs of the business 
  • For quotes such as “I don’t know what type of tree that is, but I know it’s not a bush” 
  • Some thoughts on finance decisions for the 45-55 age range, should they be starting a pension now? Listen to find out. 

There is also a lovely chat with Emilie Bellet, founder of Vestpod – a thriving community with a mission to help people, and in particular women, achieve financial independence.  

So, listen in to find out whether Cathi and Jo make it back to the office after their walk to the unknown and see if Nat can find them after their random series of directions. Enjoy the sunshine!