It’s that time of the month where we sit back, relax and enjoy the laughter, singing and finance debunking, in a new episode of That Mint Podcast.

This episode starts off with a hilarious trip down memory lane as we go back in time to listen to Jo’s predictions on the ‘budget’ and see whether or not she was on the right lines. Given the results, I think we can all agree that Jo won’t be the next Mystic Meg, but she definitely has a chance at becoming the next Doctor Who with her very own T.A.R.D.I.S!

Onto our main topic of the month, #SideHustles. Cathi and Jo talk through all the different pop-up businesses that they have seen on social media over the past year. Candles, bath bombs and home cooked food have been hot sellers during lockdown and I’m not surprised. Yes, I’ve purchased these items during the endless weeks at home – who doesn’t like a fizzing ball turning your bath water blue and purple?! But the main reason for the rise in these online pop-up shops is to earn a little more cash on the side without having to “sell your soul to make £3” – does anyone remember Avon and Tupperware parties?

A little further into the episode, Cathi and Jo chat through the more peculiar side hustles that they’ve came across online, along with some new suggestions of their own. We’re talking life drawing models, a rum connoisseur and extreme dog walking… Let us know the weirdest side hustle you’ve seen at @ThatMintPodcast. This section ended on a great game that you can play along at home, and could even be turned into a drinking game, I’ll let you figure out the rules. The aim of the game was Cathi had to guess the price you would have to pay for a personalised celebrity message, and let’s just say she seemed very happy a certain celebrity was listed on the website!

Lastly, we were very excited to hear from our special guest @jamiesutherland who chats to Cathi and Jo about his transition from working in the world of banking, to now pursuing his dream in stand-up comedy. They talk about how people are still reluctant to pay for financial advice and seek help from banks and financial advisers, because of this unknown fear of not wanting hear about your own finances. What can we do to help make financial services feel more accessible to the wider public? Thoughts on a postcard please…

I could not stop laughing during this episode because I could really relate to everything Cathi and Jo talked about, particularly when it came to the list of weird side hustles. So, that’s it from me this month, I’m off to start my side hustle business and become the next top model of life drawing. We would like to say a big thank you to Jamie for joining us this episode and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe on all our podcast channels and if you want extra brownie points, share with a friend who might be interested!

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