Budget TED Talk PLUS Ola from All Things Money

It’s finally March and we’re heading into spring, and whilst we’re still in lockdown 3.0, Cathi and Jo have managed to lift our spirits again this month, with the addition of a special guest.

Jo kicks off this episode by filling us in on how well she has done to stop herself from buying random items on Amazon so far. You might remember last month she had possibly the most bizarre purchase history of all time! Missed it? You can have listen back here – Episode 17 – A tortoise heat lamp and a Mary Poppins statue.

As we turn our attention to the hot topic of conversation, pension and savings, Cathi and Jo chat through an email from a listener who asked about how they should start saving money and what is the best way to do it. Should he think about the future and put more towards their work pension or personal savings, or focus on the present day such as paying their bills and mortgage. As a 26-year-old who has bills and a mortgage, I tend to focus on my present finances more than the future, with any extra money going towards weekend snacks, but maybe I should take Jo’s advice and start investing more into my pension than my stomach…

Next, we look towards the future and where we think the UK’s finances will be focused on after the pandemic starts to finally wind down. Jo and Cathi guess what the ‘budget’ will focus on and how they will “grease the wheels” (is that right Jo?) throughout the different departments that make up our society. I usually find that watching the ‘budget’ is a great way to find out where our taxes are being invested, but it seems to be more tolerable with an alcoholic beverage in my hand – just like Cathi and Jo suggested.

And finally, it was very refreshing to hear from our special guest Ola from @allthingsmoney_ who chats to Cathi and Jo about how she started her personal finance platform to inform people in their 20’s about how to manage their personal finances. Their discussion talks about budgeting, investing and the importance of financial education in the younger generation. Ola highlights how imperative it should be for young people to understand finance, especially when it comes to managing a budget at a younger age. She also talks about her past experiences and how to avoid the mistakes she made in her first year on this journey, which could be very beneficial for anyone looking to sort out their personal finances.

In the words of Jo, as I “segue” to conclude this blog, I found that this episode has really taught me a lot, so I’m off to crack open the wine and start my budgeting spreadsheet. Thanks once again to Ola for the insight into personal finance and we look forward to seeing what’s next for you.

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