Pensions – do I need one?

We’re back! It’s a brand new year and we have a brand new episode! Although as Cathi and Jo rightly put it – does it even feel like a new year whilst we’re in lockdown 3.0?!

Speaking of lockdown, Cathi kicks off the episode by filling us in on how she is currently managing with her lovely, highly inquisitive 4 year old, think dinosaurs, money piggy owls, and how to work out 12×12! I won’t lie, I was in a fit of giggles imagining her trying to work that one out.

On a more serious note, the topic of conversation swiftly moves to pensions and the latest news that the UK currently has one of the worst state pensions of any country in the developed world – I’m thinking of moving to the Netherlands, who is with me?! Cathi and Jo break this down and look at how and why you should save for your future, sharing some of their top tips. Surprisingly, they even managed to use the phrase ‘compound interest’ in a way that made sense to me!

Next up, Cathi digs into her Monzo account to uncover her spending insights from last year, not only is she personally keeping Costa coffee in business, but her online vs in person spending shows us some unexpected results. Now if you think that is unexpected, wait until you hear Jo’s impressive Amazon purchase list – it turns out we were right about Jo and her age, apparently she still has a landline?! – Intervention needed?

It was also exciting to hear from this episode’s guest, the lovely Lee Robertson from Octo Members who gives us his advice on how to save more, his thoughts on financial services as a profession, and (some say more importantly) whether or not he prefers red or white wine…

For anyone interested in the pension calculator Cathi mentions you can find it here: Invidion calculator

And finally, our lovely sponsors, The Art of Finance.


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