The inevitability of death (and taxes)

In this episode, Cathi and Jo consider if “middler” age is a thing, if people in the 35-45 age group really have their lives together (or is it all fake for social media posts?) and what they will be doing when they are 65. When Jo was 23, she thought her 60s would be all fish and chips and bus passes (books and libraries with added wine is the plan now) and Cathi has always looked forward to being an embarrassing elderly woman wandering around in heels with a martini in hand. It’s all about growing old disgracefully, but with a sound financial foundation! Just remember that if you want to see someone, you have to use your eyes… 

Our intrepid hosts then set out into the wilds of the Protection Gap. What insurance is necessary? What is the difference in protecting others and protecting yourself? Should protection be auto-enrolled like pensions? Can Cathi overcome hay fever by sheer strength of will? Have a listen to find out. 

In a brilliant interview with our guest Phil Zeidler from life insurance provider, DeadHappy, we take a turn into ‘The Venn Diagram of Tabooness’ (thanks Jo) – namely death and money.  It’s a hard subject to talk about, but DeadHappy has turned insurance on its head by talking about ‘Death Wishes’ instead of insuring a life, making the concept simple, tangible and straightforward. Who doesn’t want to have a bronze statue of themselves in the front garden after they die? 

Rounding the episode off is a catch up with Naina and her new house! Listen in to find out how she’s been getting on these past few months and to see if she has the correct insurance… We finish off with an edition of Quid Games which features Polydactyls, Hannibal Lecter and a final query – how easy is it to find a six-fingered glove?