When Cathi met Steven

This edition of the podcast is based on one of the highlights from last year’s Evolution conference – the very interesting chat between Cathi and the newest dragon in the den, Steven Bartlett. With topics ranging from advice on running a business, Steven’s experiences with the education system (spoiler: he is not in favour) to opinions on hotdogs. Apparently, they are a disruptive sandwich, who knew?! They also discuss his opinions on financial services – why everyone he knows is an investor, as crypto has made finance so accessible to the social media generation.

Steven talks about how life decisions are not all one size fits all – he describes everyone as being different shapes, so any solution or decision made has to be bespoke. Not everything is black and white or binary, there are many different options that can be considered. Listen to how he describes meeting all of his goals (including buying a Landrover) and why they actually weren’t important. How labelling people can be dangerous and misleading and why everyone should strive to be happy.

Listen here: https://thatmintpodcast.co.uk/episodes/episode-28/