That Mint Live Episode

To celebrate the end of season two (and the last of the summer, boooo!), we hosted a live episode of That Mint Podcast. With an audience. In a bar. With booze. Soooo on brand.

The lovely guys at Hash in Darlington gave us free rein of the place, closing it off for a private function – fancy, eh? After prising Cathi and Jo away from playing ‘barmaids’, they and their guests sat down, made themselves comfortable and settled into the season finale – a back to school special.

As you can imagine, it was a lively episode. Even livelier than usual, if that’s possible! That Mint Drinking Game made a comeback and with a ‘back to school’ theme, it was kicked off with a cute photo of Jo when she was a little girl (back in the 1800’s). This inspired a discussion around what Cathi and Jo liked and loathed about school – with Cathi exclaiming that there was not one thing she liked about it. We’ll let you listen to find out why…

An old school playbook was brought out from the dusty archives, can you guess who Jo played in her own school adaptation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves? Spoiler alert… it’s not as obvious as you may first think!

A common debate is around GCSE’s and just how important and relevant they are today – Cathi and Jo share their own opinions and discuss how people may view them differently after Covid.

We then moved on to a conversation around inflation, and looked at what you could buy back in ‘the olden days’ and how those prices faired today. For example; in the 1700s, for 1p, you could either get one days allowance of coal or enough gin to get drunk on… which do you think Cathi would choose?

In this special episode, we were joined by Faith Liversedge (@FaithLiversedge) of FL Storyteller. Faith told us all about how she got into the world of finance and discussed the common perceptions of the finance industry that people seem to have before taking the plunge.

If you’re an avid listener of the show, you’ll know that we love nothing more than a game or two – so prepare yourself for some feisty competition and have a laugh at just how competitive Cathi and Jo really are in their PE lesson segment.

So, grab a cuppa/wine/beer and settle in because it’s a good ‘un!