Do I really need savings?

“I always think it’s something I’ll do when I grow up. I haven’t really grown up yet. (I’m forty soon).”

How many of us make new years resolutions regarding money? “I’ll save more” or “I’ll clear my debt” are some of the more common promises we make to ourselves if the resolutions made across our team are anything to go by. But the question is, how many of us keep these promises?

We’re now into Spring and this episode has certainly put a spring in our step as Cathi and Jo make us feel a bit better about our lack of change, and remind us that your own personal ‘new year’ doesn’t have to start in January.

With Jo prioritising short-term saving whilst Cathi is a self-confessed “squirreller”, we get the advice that works from both viewpoints – advice that we’re determined to take so that the thought of the car’s next MOT doesn’t cause mild panic!

Brendan Shanks from Husky Finance joins in to talk workplace pensions, and his jargon-free description of auto-enrolment, alongside his echoes of Cathi’s calls for more automated saving, certainly got us thinking differently about these (or maybe we were just charmed by his Irish lilt?!).

Brendan’s guest slot has also meant we have put trying ‘Guinness and black’ to the top of our to-do list (that’s Friday’s Beer o’clock sorted). Already on this list, thanks to this episode though was looking at which debt to pay off first now that we know what should help us decide this, and finally making a start on that personal emergency fund. Yes, listeners, it came up again – they’re not going to let us forget it.

It’s only fair then that we don’t let Cathi forget her epic fails, don’t you think? Last time it was mortgages, this time pesetas. Listen out for the story of the new shoe, and in contrast, another highlight of the episode was hearing about Jo’s superb luck when it comes to ‘floor coin’.

Once we’ve finished reminiscing about giant bottles (you know the ones) we’re off to check that Cathi has trademarked the term ‘Nowt to £5k’ – genius!

Cathi, you may find we ask about salary exchange whilst we’re at it…..

Make sure you go give Episode 7 a listen!