What are interest rates? PLUS Guess the Salary game

“Interest rates can be negative, but Cathi and Jo show us why this can be a positive thing?”

This episode is the first of our brand new format, (what do you think?!) and delves deep into the changes around interest rates and the direction in which they are heading to initiate customer spending. I automatically got my notepad out because I’ve just received my mortgage offer and I knew this episode would be right up my street.

Cathi and Jo both discuss the control that the Bank of England has on customer spending by increasing and decreasing interest rates, and Jo gives us a lesson on why just printing more money doesn’t help. Overall, do I feel like I’ve helped the British economy? Yes! Do I feel like a patriot? Yes! *Cue the national anthem*. Have a listen and let us know what you think… Although the talks of negative interest rates are on the horizon, Cathi and Jo explain that we don’t have to take out all of our savings from the banks… Phew!

Along with a brand new game, and their thoughts on what’s more important, salary or workplace satisfaction (what do you think?), Cathi and Jo moved on to a more serious note. Explaining that we are expected to see a rise in unemployment due to the current global pandemic, made it almost impossible not to mention Cathi’s latest brainchild, a non-profit campaign from The Verve Group, ‘We Are Change’ which aims to help keep the unemployment rate at bay and provide new careers opportunities in financial services. If you want to find out more, click here to see how you can get involved.

Finally, this episode also has the addition of sharing some heart warming thoughts regarding what the employees at ‘The Verve Group’ have to say about working in the world of finance. ‘A lot more chilled out’, ‘There are no stereotypes at all’, and ‘A really rewarding career choice’ – Are we sure they’re talking about finance?! Absolutely! Hopefully sharing some inspiring words of wisdom might help change some of those negative perceptions, if even only for a few people.

So, don’t forget to tune in to this episode because it’s not one you would like to miss. Also, tweet us here if you have any questions about finance. We all know Jo loves a challenge, and any excuse to research something new, so feel free to be as creative as possible with your finance quandaries. *Inserts Jo’s Slogan*.

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