Buying and selling houses – mortgage mistakes

“If my house goes into negative equity… I’m gonna live in it.”

This episode catches Cathi mid house sale/purchase, and she hasn’t got a taste for the process that she’s liking the flavour of… yet?! With her and Jo discussing the pros and cons of renting versus buying – and inevitably getting side-tracked by spider infestations – we start to realise that in other areas of our life renting has become a ‘no brainer’. Think cars, or anything else that you want to get rid of at the first sign of trouble (and don’t even think about asking Jo to put air in her tyres!).

So, if buying lacks flexibility, adds emotional stress, and costs more – why do we do it?!

To avoid paying someone else’s mortgage? For more disposable income come retirement? We hear a range of reasons and scenarios from Cathi and Jo so you’re bound to hear something that resonates. What I’ll always aim to remember though (thanks ladies) is the importance of believing you have a good deal, whatever route you take.

Let’s just hope that route isn’t being winched out of a window (Cathi, I’m conjuring up plans to free the piano as I type)!

Luke Hartley from Hartley Ross joins Cathi and Jo in this episode, busting the myth that ‘property always goes up’, talking about why our culture is massive on home ownership, and reinforcing the importance of having something to call your own. I enjoyed listening to Luke’s story of his brother’s teasing, and Cathi enjoyed some free advice (you don’t get if you don’t ask!).

Hearing that there is such a thing as too much knowledge when it comes to mortgages, this episode, mixing fun and facts, was the perfect introduction. I now know general rules of thumb, what to worry about, and perhaps more importantly what not to worry about.

Listeners should grab a pad and pen to play along with the game ranking stressful life events. Speaking of games, anyone for Jenga*?!

*Don’t get it? That’s right – you gotta listen!

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