What are you saving for?

Would you rather sit under a giant chicken’s bum or do the Macarena to keep warm? These are only two of the options that come out of the Quid Games this episode (will Jo EVER stop calling them Squid Games?) – listen for the rest of the alphabetically themed responses, there’s a surprising number of dances involved!

Through wondering whether they have passed their wine exams, an in-depth discussion on the reasons for saving (they may surprise you!) and an interesting response to a lovely listener question from Michael, Cathi and Jo take you on a journey discussing their own experiences of finance between the ages of 25-30 and how they feel that the Advice Gap is now shortening compared to then. Listen in on their reasons why modern financial advisers are not necessarily the stereotype suited and booted salesmen that people outside of the industry may expect (or fear!).

Speaking of the unexpected, follow on with Naina’s story of being a first-time buyer in a fast-paced market – find out what she describes as ‘infuriating’…

We also have a guest in the form of the lovely Graham Taylor from Hudson Rose – a boutique mortgage and insurance brokerage. Hear why he describes himself and his team as ‘kitchen-fitters’ and investigate how he became ‘resilient to failure’ when joining the financial services industry. Maybe he and Naina can team up for her next instalment!

Things to google this episode: Bacardi-cardi, underwear (thermal).

Relevant video (be prepared for an earworm).

Listen to the episode here.