Living longer, mortgages and NFTs

The news that babies born in 2022 will have an average life expectancy of around 90 odd years has Cathi and Jo thinking. What age do they think they will make it to? What will they be doing? How much will a Freddo cost by then?! Listen as they brainstorm some ideas for creating recurring income to top up their pensions – how hard is it to write a Christmas song anyway?

Catch up with Naina on the next step in her journey to buying a house! She has some great tips for saving money for a deposit and using different tools to help her calculate what she may be able to afford to borrow. Cathi and Jo help her have a look at the properties available on Rightmove and discuss the decorating choices in some ’fixer upper’ homes (pink tiles with blue panelling anyone?) as well as the importance of the length of mortgage terms and EPC certificates.

This episode’s Quid Game is Higher or Lower for NFT prices! Will Jo score any points? Would you? You can see the images they are talking about below:

Finally, listen to the chat with our guest Hannah Phillips, a 25-year-old freelancer in television and media. They talk about the difficulties in budgeting when a freelancer – and how it can affect getting a mortgage. A discussion about the differences between working on Geordie Shore and a documentary about the Duchess of Northumberland leads to Jo wondering if the Duchess is single… There is also a very interesting story about [REDACTED] who ended up [REDACTED]!!

Listen to this episode for: Hannah’s top piece of advice for working in TV and media, excellent savings advice from Naina, and to find out if Jo ever finds out what a bottle of stir is…