Tech a chance on me

We’re talking all things tech in this edition of the podcast – particularly how ubiquitous tech has become in our daily lives. Cathi and Jo (referred to collectively as the Benjamin Buttons of finance) have a look at the explosion of finance apps and how they have changed consumer behaviours, for example using Klarna for a banana (or is it a bunch, Cathi?) or using a Freetrade account app to invest directly into companies. Does this mean more gamification of financial responsibility and is it worrying that Jo hasn’t seen her bank card for months? Listen in to find out.

Our lovely CTO, Peter Calvert – now given the title of fintech guru, talks about why new developers should think about joining the fintech revolution and being part of an industry that is ripe for change. As he is only 25, our intrepid hosts probe the generational differences in attitudes to tech and discover a surprising similarity between Madrid and the North East…

There is also (obviously) a competition regarding credit scores between Cathi and Peter while Jo, as the self-proclaimed ‘Gandalf of Credit’ remains schtum. If you want any more information about the vacancies or the Ctrl. Alt. Meet. event, have a look at our main website here.

An episode would not be complete without a Quid Game, and a very entertaining one this is! What do bin liners (for the kitchen), erotic literature and meatfree sausages have in common? You’ll just have to tune in – Jo’s still upset about dictionaries….