NEWS – Shaking things up

Not being ones to stay in our comfort zone, That Mint Podcast is moving to a new format.

Avid That Mint Podcast fans will have by now caught up on our live episode, ‘That Mint Afterparty’. (If you missed it then click here.)

Whilst this episode was jam-packed (find out more about it here), one of its main announcements was that future episodes would look (well, sound) a bit different. We’ve found our feet, we know what you like best – and producer Mark isn’t too shy to let you hear his voice anymore!

So we’re moving to a new ‘magazine-style’ format – but what does that mean?!

For us, it means our podcast chats have more structure (‘Tangent’ should be Jo’s middle name!) and more interaction with you – particularly through our new Listener Questions segment (although Cathi definitely requires wine for this part!).

It also helps the podcast to stay current, with a sharp focus each episode on finance topics that have been hitting the headlines.

In the interest of balance of course, we’re also introducing a Game segment – adding sniggers to statistics, and a touch of healthy rivalry between our hosts!

What won’t change is our love of puns, jargon decoding, entertaining interviews – and our goal for the podcast to make finance a little bit more accessible to all.

Oh, and each episode will still be 30 minutes long, so no need to change the #ThatMintPodcast slot in your diary!

Join us in November for the minty-freshest of episodes. You’ll find it here then (or sign up to our mailing list here for it to hit your inbox ASAP!).