Investing for normal people

“Not just a thing that you play with somebody who you really fancy?”

Cathi begins this episode explaining the FTSE (pronounced footsie) and makes the above comment in jest – but honestly, I’m guilty of the flirting game being the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear this word (*blushes*).

So it was great to hear a jargon-free explanation and, especially at the moment, gain an understanding of the FTSE’s link to the economy doing well (or not). After such clarification, it’s much easier to see why Jo’s take is ‘investing is for everyone’.

As I was listening though I was thinking ‘surely that’s if people are prepared to take a risk?’. Then come Cathi and Jo’s personal stories of risk – the perfect reminder that we all take risks, whether with jobs, casinos or ice creams (right Jo?!) – so why not do so in a way that feels most comfortable when it comes to options for your money?

Cathi goes on to explain the cost of inflation not matching bank interest, and that in fact doing nothing with your money isn’t doing nothing, it’s actually going backwards. This was a lightbulb moment for me. I would put money on (ooooh, risky!) everyone I know not realising this.

Further listening, which included useful tips and examples, certainly made me less scared of investing. There’d be no stock picking, which quickly evaporated my visions of becoming the She-wolf of Wall Street, and there are funds that take very little risk.

Listening was 40 minutes well spent (see what I did there?!). Definitely the episode for you if you’ve ever been tempted to chase the next big thing, or been overwhelmed by the choice between premium bonds, cash accounts, ISAs, pensions and investment bonds.

Amongst the talk of shares there’s the usual infectious laughter – and all the more when Lee Dineen from M&G Investments joins the conversation. I also learnt I’m not the only one to gamble on horses based on their names alone or to spend far too much time thinking about the changing price of Freddos.

Cue a chocolate craving to go and satisfy…