Highlights – TMP so far 2020 edition

“I just wanted an excuse to regularly sit and drink wine and call it work.”

A bit of a different spin on the blog this time, on the basis that if Cathi & Jo can collate their top moments of the podcast so far, then so can their most avid listener!

This episode takes us on a trip down our minty memory lane and includes many highlights, not least the following:

In at 3…

…is the insightful conversation about retirement being wasted on the old, taking us right back to episode one, when Jo coined the phrase ‘Threetirement’. This showed not only the That Mint Podcast’s hosts’ ability for quick thinking and pun making, but also perfectly sums up how the podcast lives up to its aim of making listeners think differently about money and financial services – really ripping up the rulebook.

If you haven’t already caught that episode, listen here for a different perspective on all the usual questions about retirement.

In at 2…

… is the ‘Ocean’s 11 year fixed rate mortgage’ trailer. Turn the volume up for this one (and hold on to your contact lenses*) in case your laughs drown out what is actually a really useful, jargon free summary of mortgages.

OK, Jo’s epic voiceover voice didn’t make the topic any less intimidating (but what a talent!), but the summary isn’t long, boring, hard to understand or any of those other off-putting factors often present when it comes to talking finance. And it makes it into any ‘top moments’ list for the mention of Tom Hardy alone! Which is good as the ‘movie’ trailer didn’t actually make it into the Mortgages episode, which was already full of good titbits (used that word just to make Cathi laugh) and can be listened to here.

* Yep, an in-joke… you’ve gotta listen!

And in at 1…

… is less of a moment and more of a message. In Jo’s words: ‘if you’re struggling with money it’s a good time to get advice, if you’re doing OK it’s a great time to get advice, if you’ve got a lot of money obviously it’s a good time to get advice’.

This message has got to take the number one spot because of all the myths busted via That Mint Podcast (and there have been many), Cathi and Jo successfully busting those that typically create barriers to accessing advice is kind of a big deal. For me at least, as hand on heart, I’ve been pushed into action by a few of the episodes (in fact people are sick of hearing about my new autosavings), and I’m sure this is the case for many more listeners. Even Jo admits to learning new things through the podcast.

I thought I’d struggle to pick a favourite episode (I know according to listener stats it’s ‘Jo needs saving’ – Episode 7 – you can listen here) but having listened to this one it’s an easy choice! If you’ve never listened to any episode of That Mint Podcast make it this one – but be warned it will make you want to listen to at least 3 others, if only to be in on more jokes (or understand Cathi’s love for Mr Blobby?!).

After all the reminiscing, I’m wondering what finance-related actions will their way onto my To Do list based on future episodes. Mind you, Jo has had ‘making a will’ at the top of hers for months and I think she needs more than a little nudge…


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