Episode 14 – That Mint Afterparty

This is one bumper episode, and one unlike any other.

To celebrate That Mint Podcast coming so far in so little time (view our ‘half birthday’ highlights here), Cathi and Jo stocked up on wine, invested in a bleep button, and sweet-talked the producers into going live for this special video episode.

Amongst slightly more chaos than usual, they talk rising pension ages, inflation, and finance media annoyances – as well as giving mostly insightful (and sometimes inevitably humorous) answers to listener questions.

About the author, Cathi Harrison

Having "fallen into finance" fresh out of university, Cathi has spent the last 15 years firstly discovering financial services, and more latterly trying to change it. Her mission is to make people realise what a fascinating and fun world it is to engage with, and work in. And to drink wine while doing it.

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