Episode 19 – #SideHustle

In this month’s fun filled episode we go back in time to see if Jo’s predictions on the budget were correct – could she be the next Mystic Meg? Jo and Cathi also discuss the rise of side hustles during lockdown, we’re talking extreme dog walking, professional heckler and rum connoisseurs… We also have another special guest on this month’s episode, Jamie Sutherland, who worked in finance and is now pursuing his dream in stand up comedy – You don’t want to miss this!

About the author, Cathi Harrison

Having "fallen into finance" fresh out of university, Cathi has spent the last 15 years firstly discovering financial services, and more latterly trying to change it. Her mission is to make people realise what a fascinating and fun world it is to engage with, and work in. And to drink wine while doing it.

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