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Episode 8 – Risk vs Reward vs Ice-cream

In their biggest gamble to date, Cathi and Jo will try to convince you of the benefits of investing for normal people. This ain’t no disco. This ain’t no pyramid scheme either. (This is FCA…approved.)   Along the way Jo reveals the riskiest thing she’s ever done for an ice cream, and Cathi puts her mathematical mind…

Bonus Episode 2 – Meaningful Money In Conversation

Catch up on our guest appearance on the wonderful Pete Matthew’s podcast from @meaningfulmoney. Celebrating Meaningful Money‘s 10th birthday, we talk all things finance and weigh up the difficulties and the enjoyment of doing a financial podcast.

Episode 7 – Jo needs saving

“I always think it’s something I’ll do when I grow up. I haven’t really grown up yet. (I’m forty soon).” (Jo Campbell, 2020.) Yes, it’s the beloved topic of savings, that everyone knows is important, but most avoid talking about. Guest this episode is Brendan Shanks from Husky Finance, who joins in the chaos to…

Bonus Episode 1

In this bonus edition of That Mint Podcast, Cathi and Jo discuss what it means to keep you cash on deposit right now, the pros and cons, and the different options available.  They also question how easy it is to start your own bank.. you might see That Mint Bank coming to a high street near you soon! 

Episode 6 – Coronavirus Special

In light of the current climate, we have recorded a special edition of TMP, which aims to help you make sense of the current financial uncertainty. We’ll help explain what it all means for you and reassure you about the steps to take – both now and in future to protect ahead of any similar…