That Mint Finale

It’s a sad day. The most riotous, educational and ridiculous financial podcast is coming to an end, and we’re seeing it off with a bang (of corks popping)! You can listen in as Cathi and Jo reminisce about their favourite moments from the past three years and realise that the verbal Will that Jo made in a past episode still remains as her only legal wishes on record…  

See the look of surprise on Mark’s (big boss producer) face as he is interviewed on camera about what he has learnt from three years of doing the podcast and discover why he wants a Viking funeral. 

And we end, as always with an exciting entry in the Quid Game hall of fame – this time titled “Out of Context Jo”, where we learn the important advice: don’t stick a frozen potato up your bum and why Cathi would make the best Chancellor of the Exchequer.