Episode 23 – This is not an #AD

In this month’s episode, Cathi and Jo discuss the Australian trade deal and what that means for Britain in the future. According to the pair, it means more Australian alcohol (very important!). They also reveal the legalities of #AD and why it’s used by famous online social media influencers.

Summer holidays have finally arrived, which means vacancies for summer jobs are now available and Cathi and Jo take a trip down memory lane and chat about what jobs they did when they were younger (you would have never guessed them). We also have a lovely chat with Iona Bain and her rise to fame in the financial world. This episode is not one to be missed!

About the author, Cathi Harrison

Having "fallen into finance" fresh out of university, Cathi has spent the last 15 years firstly discovering financial services, and more latterly trying to change it. Her mission is to make people realise what a fascinating and fun world it is to engage with, and work in. And to drink wine while doing it.

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