Episode 20 – Happy New Tax Year!

It’s the new tax year, the sun is shining and the end of lockdown is finally on the horizon! It’s safe to say we’re feeling very positive at That Mint Podcast HQ as we bring you a special episode covering all things related to the new tax year. Cathi and Jo are talking financial resolutions and even give their top tips on what to do to help you make the most of your money. We are going deep into income tax, self assessments and tax-free cash. As usual, expect a cheeky game, lots of laughter and a crazy story or two from our hosts. Enjoy!

About the author, Cathi Harrison

Having "fallen into finance" fresh out of university, Cathi has spent the last 15 years firstly discovering financial services, and more latterly trying to change it. Her mission is to make people realise what a fascinating and fun world it is to engage with, and work in. And to drink wine while doing it.

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