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Coronavirus Special (Ep. 6)

That’s exactly why I’ve moved my toilet roll away from the window.”

It’s great to hear in this episode that even the most informed people can have an emotional reaction in a situation of panic.

But we have to be honest in saying that we didn’t realise that such reactions can affect companies “not because they are suddenly not viable or because their product isn’t needed anymore, but because of the way that people are responding”, in Cathi’s words.

So how can we stay rational at such a time of uncertainty, especially when the media coverage adds to our worries?

Cathi and Jo give some sound advice here - about how having wills and life insurance (and all the things you don’t want to think about) in place can mean you find it easier to stick to a plan during a crisis.

We also appreciated their look at the financial impact for individuals because (hands up) we hadn’t really thought about this beyond what’s out there in the news about people’s wages for the coming months.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard Cathi and Jo talk about a personal emergency fund but it is the first time a few of us are kicking ourselves for not having one – who’s with us?!

But the best thing about this episode, the thing that puts a smile on the face of finance, is that it’s not all bad. A recession was on its way regardless - oh, and anybody noticed that they feel slightly wealthier recently?

We’re off to get up to speed on SSP, work out our worst-case scenarios, and thank our lucky stars that we don’t have Cathi’s bad timing when it comes to mortgages (the podcast is worth a listen for a chuckle at this alone).

Here’s to the boom that follows a recession – that’s if dance fever doesn’t get us first (again, you’ve got to listen)!

Give it a listen here:



About the Blog

When two of the funniest members of our board told us they were going to start a podcast, lots of high fives were exchanged (yes, we’re that kind of team).

We knew that Cathi and Jo (that’s Cathi Harrison, Director of The Verve Group, and Jo Campbell, Director at Para-Sols) would do a great job of helping with our vision to change the face of finance – the rebrand of all rebrands if you will.

And we weren’t wrong. Early into their podcast episodes, it was clear they’d live up to their promise of a fresh take on finance that’s informative, entertaining and understandable – no jargon here.

So, joining forces with the podcast, we give you ‘That Mint Blog’. Created to widen the conversation around each episode’s content, giving you insight from a team who can’t boast Cathi and Jo’s years of experience in finance, but who have gained a lot by working in the industry.

In short, this blog means the chats we enjoy with a cuppa as a team upon first hearing each episode are shared with you.

We’d love you to join in.

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