That Mint Finale

It’s a sad day. The most riotous, educational and ridiculous financial podcast is coming to an end, and we’re seeing it off with a bang (of corks popping)! You can listen in as Cathi and Jo reminisce about their favourite moments from the past three years and realise that the verbal Will that Jo made in […]

Inflation, working culture and a mid-life crisis

Join Cathi and Jo for their penultimate TMP meander through finance for this series. In this episode:  Tips on free activities to do in the sunshine (please read this with Liam Gallagher’s pronunciation: sunsheeeeeeinnnnne), you’ll be surprised with the amount of activities Jo will partake in as long as it has a 90s brit pop […]

The inevitability of death (and taxes)

In this episode, Cathi and Jo consider if “middler” age is a thing, if people in the 35-45 age group really have their lives together (or is it all fake for social media posts?) and what they will be doing when they are 65. When Jo was 23, she thought her 60s would be all […]

Tech a chance on me

We’re talking all things tech in this edition of the podcast – particularly how ubiquitous tech has become in our daily lives. Cathi and Jo (referred to collectively as the Benjamin Buttons of finance) have a look at the explosion of finance apps and how they have changed consumer behaviours, for example using Klarna for […]

When Cathi met Steven

This edition of the podcast is based on one of the highlights from last year’s Evolution conference – the very interesting chat between Cathi and the newest dragon in the den, Steven Bartlett. With topics ranging from advice on running a business, Steven’s experiences with the education system (spoiler: he is not in favour) to […]

What are you saving for?

Would you rather sit under a giant chicken’s bum or do the Macarena to keep warm? These are only two of the options that come out of the Quid Games this episode (will Jo EVER stop calling them Squid Games?) – listen for the rest of the alphabetically themed responses, there’s a surprising number of […]

Living longer, mortgages and NFTs

The news that babies born in 2022 will have an average life expectancy of around 90 odd years has Cathi and Jo thinking. What age do they think they will make it to? What will they be doing? How much will a Freddo cost by then?! Listen as they brainstorm some ideas for creating recurring […]

What does inflation IRL mean for me?

We’re back! Season three has started, and it’s a (Christmas) cracker of an episode answering questions such as: What IS inflation? How does it affect my day to day life? What’s the difference between an Axminister carpet and a pair of men’s loungewear bottoms? Cathi and Jo also introduce Naina, a 25-year-old Paraplanner here at […]

Guest blog: why client stories are lovely jubbly

This week we’ve got a cheeky guest blog for all you advisers out there, courtesy of Faith Liversedge, our special guest on our season two finale. Just before Del Boy falls through the bar in one of the most often voted Best Moments in TV History, Derek is explaining to Trigger how to engage the clientele […]

That Mint Live Episode

To celebrate the end of season two (and the last of the summer, boooo!), we hosted a live episode of That Mint Podcast. With an audience. In a bar. With booze. Soooo on brand. The lovely guys at Hash in Darlington gave us free rein of the place, closing it off for a private function […]