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About the show.

That Mint Podcast is the brainchild of Cathi Harrison (Director of The Verve Group) and Jo Campbell (Director at Para-Sols).

Fed up of answering the same questions to people who don’t know financial services (What is a paraplanner? Do I actually need a pension? What the hell does an adviser even do?) the pair decided to create something that could pop that finance bubble, and make it a little bit more accessible to all.

Bringing their years of knowledge and experience in finance, and combining it with their northern no-nonsense approach, a dash of wit, and the odd splash of wine, Cathi and Jo are bringing a fresh approach to what is often considered quite a dull industry. Listening to this podcast will help answer some of your questions, show you that finance can actually be a little bit interesting, and provide you with the occasional chuckle.

Give it a listen – you won’t regret it! (Unless you’re not a fan of puns – then you’ll definitely regret it).


About Your Hosts.


Cathi Harrison

CEO, The Verve Group

Having "fallen into finance" fresh out of university, Cathi has spent the last 15 years firstly discovering financial services, and more latterly trying to change it. Her mission is to make people realise what a fascinating and fun world it is to engage with and work in. And to drink wine while doing it.






Jo Campbell

Director, Para-Sols

Jo has over 15 years experience in financial services, working a variety of roles within the profession. At present she spends most of her time bestowing the virtues of finance, partaking in extreme nerdiness and making really bad puns. Really, really bad puns.

Ps. She wishes she was a pirate.