What does inflation IRL mean for me?

We’re back! Season three has started, and it’s a (Christmas) cracker of an episode answering questions such as: What IS inflation? How does it affect my day to day life? What’s the difference between an Axminister carpet and a pair of men’s loungewear bottoms? Cathi and Jo also introduce Naina, a 25-year-old Paraplanner here at […]

Guest blog: why client stories are lovely jubbly

This week we’ve got a cheeky guest blog for all you advisers out there, courtesy of Faith Liversedge, our special guest on our season two finale. Just before Del Boy falls through the bar in one of the most often voted Best Moments in TV History, Derek is explaining to Trigger how to engage the clientele […]

That Mint Live Episode

To celebrate the end of season two (and the last of the summer, boooo!), we hosted a live episode of That Mint Podcast. With an audience. In a bar. With booze. Soooo on brand. The lovely guys at Hash in Darlington gave us free rein of the place, closing it off for a private function […]

Influencers and advertising standards online

It’s the summer holidays and it’s that time of year where having a break is on everyone’s minds… Just ask Cathi, as she has just finished sunbathing on a beach in Ibiza (I’m not jealous at all). Let’s hope she took the advice from Jo in last month’s episode, Episode 22 – TikTok emojis and educating […]

Insurance – do I need it?

We start the podcast this month with a quick life update from Cathi and Jo, from small house parties to last-minute ‘holidays’, the ladies managed to make the most of the latest government guidelines, and of course, wine, wine, wine! There was also a brief mention of The Verve Group Annual Summit and Awards which (hopefully!) takes […]

Bad money decisions

We hope you have your snacks and drinks at the ready for this month’s episode because it’s a funny one! In this episode, Cathi and Jo talk about non-fungible tokens (NFTs), debt and bad money decisions. We also have a special guest on the show, Karla Edwards also known as The Protection Parent, who will be […]

Happy New Tax Year!

Happy new tax year! Lockdown has almost finished and freedom is finally on the horizon, as the beer gardens and shops are now open. As we have moved into another new tax year, you could feel the tension rising in the financial world, as people scrambled to get their end of year accounts ready. However, […]


It’s that time of the month where we sit back, relax and enjoy the laughter, singing and finance debunking, in a new episode of That Mint Podcast. This episode starts off with a hilarious trip down memory lane as we go back in time to listen to Jo’s predictions on the ‘budget’ and see whether […]

Budget TED Talk PLUS Ola from All Things Money

It’s finally March and we’re heading into spring, and whilst we’re still in lockdown 3.0, Cathi and Jo have managed to lift our spirits again this month, with the addition of a special guest. Jo kicks off this episode by filling us in on how well she has done to stop herself from buying random […]

Pensions – do I need one?

We’re back! It’s a brand new year and we have a brand new episode! Although as Cathi and Jo rightly put it – does it even feel like a new year whilst we’re in lockdown 3.0?! Speaking of lockdown, Cathi kicks off the episode by filling us in on how she is currently managing with […]